12 Mar 2012

Mercedes has created a car for the Invisible Man

The Invisible Man, the character of the novel by HG Wells, would certainly have loved driving the car that Mercedes staged in a spot to promote the technology of the fuel cell of its Class B F-Cell, a process that transforms reaction chemical oxygen and hydrogen into electricity, for rotating an electric motor.

The German automaker is in fact succeeded in making his hydrogen-powered minivan or almost invisible. How? On one side of the vehicle, a Canon EOS 5D Mark II takes the cliches that are streamed instantly and the other side of the car on the LED's. The result gives the impression that the car is translucent or almost invisible.

This advertising will show that the impact of this zero-emission car on the environment is completely invisible. If three B-Class F-Cell has made ​​a world tour in 2011 and traveled 30,000 km, the fuel cell vehicles are not ready to invade the roads, although many manufacturers plainchant above. First, their rates remain, for now, extremely high and secondly, the hydrogen supply infrastructure needs to be built. In short the car fuel cell is like the Mercedes B-Class F-Cell Spot: we do not see it, almost.


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