21 Feb 2012

Tips and advice For Car sellers

 A good sale begins with the firm and final decision to separate you from your current vehicle at a price that you feel "right." You will therefore need to establish a satisfactory sale price... To do this, do not neglect any source. Remember to present your vehicle and get the papers. Be clear and honest in your intention to trade and in the presentation of your vehicle.

What price will I sell my vehicle?
A good transaction is a fair price! “Neither too high nor too low”
Each of the parties, seller and buyer must make a "good deal". For this, there is an ideal sales price for you, which will take into account the average price of transactions on the model of your vehicle, its mileage, options ... It will also be the ideal price of one or more candidates for the purchase of your vehicle.

Fast or not: I sell well!
Have your say: each of the two situations can arise. I have time and I try to make the best sellers so I plan to:
v     View my car at a price of quote
v     To miss a full week before analyzing the content of the following week to make the decision to lower the price of the ad
v     To renew the publication of this announcement
v     Take a Mechanical Warranty which will reassure my potential buyers.
v     I am eager and ready to sell at fair prices, no state of mind!
v     I plan to take a mechanical warranty which will reassure my potential buyers and that will put my ad in front of the media .
v     I know that if I did not call the first two days, I will correct immediately lower the price of my car: the amendment will be instantly taken into account on the Internet.
v     I plan to show a slightly lower price than the offer on.
v     There are two ways to fix the price of an advertisement :
         By phone, by calling Monday to Friday
        Via Internet "My Account" if you spent your ad online
v     Some efforts and the sale will be even faster!
It doesn’t hide anything but present the most beautiful aspect your vehicle. You will sell better within your buyer. Would you buy yourself a dirty and messy vehicle? Few minutes of attention and you'll win and even your buyer too!
ü      If the vehicle is older than four years perform technical inspection.
ü      Offer advantages to your vehicle:
ü      Treat the presentation with a clean interior/exterior detail.
ü      Have a shot of polish on the body, most minor scratches disappear (allow 2 hours).
ü      Switch to plastic renovator of the front and rear bumpers, interior plastics.
ü      Clean inside of windows (windows product) and any traces on the roof with soapy water (a toothbrush is very handy in this case).
ü      Replace the side moldings or missing hubcaps, floor mats frayed or broken antennas or mirrors.
ü      Replace a cracked windshield.
ü      Check the tire pressure.
ü      The Sale: Keep a clear head!
ü      Some people, very small minority, are not honest. It is your responsibility to remain lucid and take some precautions ... And everything will be fine.
ü      Remain cautious:
ü      Be sure to test.
ü      Do not lend keys once installed inside the vehicle.
ü      Take off the ignition and repeat the keys before leaving the vehicle.
ü      Make an appointment with your buyer in person at working hours of banks.
ü      Make sure of his identity by asking him a piece of identification with photo.
ü      Before handing the vehicle make sure the phone with the issuing bank that has issued the check paid by your buyer.

  •   Please note the phone number listed on the bank check can be wrong! Ensure the accuracy of the telephone number of the issuing agency directory.

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  1. Indeed, a good seller never hides anything from his customers. When it comes to selling vehicles, a seller should be transparent about the condition of the vehicle he is marketing. If you were to market your car, make sure that you covered everything, from valuation to the insurance policies, to avoid turning away buyers from the sale. Discuss with them all the details of the car, and highlight the best assets of the automotive. With that, the buyer will be assured that he will purchase a well-maintained vehicle.

    Earlene Harps


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