21 Jan 2012

Avoid excessive fuel consumption- Driving tips

And if in addition to simply reduce the CO2 emissions associated with your car, you were in addition to savings? Here are some tips that, if implemented by all, would reduce CO2 emissions associated with the automobile of 5.5 million tones per year!

1. Ease your chest
Your engine will be less stress and you spend less fuel, pollute less and improve your handling.

2. Check your tires
Under-inflated tires offer more rolling resistance and therefore increase your fuel consumption. Over-inflated tires provide less grip.

3. Air conditioning wisely
To avoid excessive fuel consumption, it is best at low speed to roll the windows open. A high-speed, choose the air conditioning to reduce aerodynamic drag.

4. Drive calmly
Indeed, conduct "sport" consumes more fuel and causes premature wear of components.

5. Watch out for boxes and roof racks empty
Their wind resistance increases fuel consumption, so remove them if you do not use it. And does not charge unnecessarily, it reduces the performance of your vehicle and its handling and increases consumption.

6. Change gear at the right time
The best compromise between performance and consumption is around 2000 rev / min for diesel engines and 2500 rev / min for gasoline vehicles.

7. Regular maintenance
Some parts wear out over time and become less effective. Ducts and filters must be cleaned and worn parts replaced.

8. Use the Stop & Start system
This system saves fuel by automatically turning off the engine when the vehicle stops, and then restarting in a snap when you leave.


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