18 Apr 2012

Choose! what is the right car insurance?

To give a general answer to this issue is not possible, because there are none, the best car insurance that fits for every driver / vehicle and each is optimal.

In recent years, the insurance terms and conditions of car insurance becoming more extensive and complicated, so the only an accomplished lawyer for this matter really hinted. We want to give you tips on this page to choose the right auto insurance for your own individual case, by which may save money or get you better coverage.


We want to put us close to you to decide on the car insurance premiums are not limited to the amount - the premium is certainly an important factor, but not the most important. Vote in the full package of hedging, and those who save at the wrong end of pay, often twice.
Who wants to buy a new car EU should definitely compare individual insurance, there are often applied here different methods for calculating premiums.

Our topics:

Liability insurance
In the car insurance is mandatory liability insurance law. The premium amount is determined using the so-called type classes in conjunction with the personal claims bonus...
Comprehensive insurance
When car insurance is a third-party insurance on voluntary basis. The premium amount is determined using the so-called type classes....
Full insurance
In the car insurance is comprehensive insurance on a voluntary basis. The premium amount is determined using the so-called type classes in conjunction with the personal claims bonus...
Claims categories
Is calculated as the insurance premium for the automobile liability actually...
Period of notice
Of termination is in the car insurance it contain different variants that have different deadlines...

Basics of Auto Insurance

The term car insurance policy covers all forms of insurance around the car. These include automobile liability insurance, comprehensive insurance (full insurance and partial cover), the letter of protection, transport and insurance law, the Personal Accident Insurance.

The automobile liability insurance is generally required by law. It pays for all damages caused by a motor vehicle (car) to other persons or property. In case of damage, the injured party has the opportunity to make their claims directly against the insurer directly enforceable.

The insurance covered damage to the vehicle. A distinction is made ​​between fully comprehensive and partial cover; When the vehicle is insured with third party insurance against damage caused by fire, a storm, explosion, theft and similar. In the comprehensive insurance, the car is insured in all these areas and in addition at a total loss.

The car-letter protection insures a vehicle against breakdowns or accidents. One such category covers the costs of breakdown and accident assistance, salvage, towing, rental car use (at a distance from home 50 miles) and so on. Distinguish letters of protection offered by car clubs from those offered by insurance companies. Car clubs generally insure only the owner of a car, insurance, however, assure the proper vehicle.

The traffic-legal expenses insurance takes over in case of motor vehicle litigation, the attorneys 'fees, fees for experts' fees, court costs, where appropriate, the costs of the opponent and so on. It helps with the general enforcement of damage claims and supports the policy holder as owner, driver and passenger of a motor vehicle, as well as pedestrians.

The Personal Accident insurance provides additional protection for the occupants of a vehicle. It is purely a sum insured. In case of accidents, which are directly related to the control and use of the car is paid regardless of fault, the contractually agreed sum insured. This can either be insured under the so-called flat-rate system or by the court system. In the flat-rate system places all of the cars included in the insurance. In the user system are only insured the places that were previously included in the contract, for example, only the courts of the driver and the passenger.


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