25 May 2012

Information on debt consolidation car

 Reduce your monthly payments through debt consolidation loan:

The debt consolidation loan is also called redemption of debt, or debt, consolidation, credit consolidation.It allows substituting one or more existing loans by a single credit at a lower rate, amortized over a single period in line with your income. The goal: reduce your monthly payment.

The debt consolidation loan can be performed on all types of credit: it can apply to both real estate loans as consumer loans like credit car. By subscribing to a debt consolidation loan, you can avail of several benefits over the long term:

  • Repay a single loan on a single period,
  • Access a lower rate than the accumulation of old rates,
  • Lower your debt ratio,
  • Ventilate your budget,
  • Recover the purchasing power and give you the opportunity to save.
  • Access to debt consolidation

The purchase of credit is for all socio professional employees, pensioners, tenants and owners. You can easily access it, but some restrictions exist.

The remainder to be paid must be greater than the time already elapsed (e.g. 15-year loan, the purchase must be made in the seventh year maximum).
You should not be allowed to bank, incident file for reimbursement, if you do not own.
Your income must exceed 1500 bucks gross per month for your file has a chance of being accepted.

You do not need to change banks to achieve a restructuring credit. Your bank may use an intermediary company operator Banking, which supports the administrative approaches to various banking institutions. This intermediate Simplifies and increases the chances of acceptance of your application.

Also, if you have already received a consolidation loan, be aware that a second application can wait for a long year has passed and they had been no incidents of payment.

Where to go for a debt consolidation loan car?

Four types of financial institutions may establish a consolidation loan:

Conventional banks,
The specialized mortgage institutions,
Institutions of consumer credit,
The credit brokers (called Intermediaries banking operation, BIO) and insurance specialist.

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