8 Feb 2012

Auto Insurance: Terms and Tips to consider

   Auto insurance: questions to ask
- The contract is your assurance it with a system of direct settlement of insurance to the garage when disaster happens? (Also called third-party payer)
- Your vehicle should be equipped with an alarm? (For sports or premium)
- Must we take a special guarantee against theft of your radio in your insurance? And for the baby seat, is it guaranteed?
- What does really break glass? (Windows, windshields, mirrors, headlights, sunroof) Is it supported?
- The contract provides for it assistance in the event of breakdown or accident? If so, is there a minimum of intervention?
- In the personal accident what are the amounts of compensation in case of hospitalization, disability or death? Are they linked the cost of living?
- Is it possible to pay the premium monthly or quarterly?
- Is there a charge due to a contribution other than annual?
- The warranty covers theft does she Theft accessories not included in the manufacturer's catalog or personal belongings transported?
- The only tire damage (vandalism without breaking) is it supported?
Insurance is too important an area in the purchase of an opportunity not to care. In addition, some rules are necessary in connection with the sale of an opportunity.

Auto Insurance Auto after a transaction

On acquisition of an occasion, be careful because the transfer of insurance to another vehicle is not automatic: you have the obligation to prevent the insurer.

Insurance: records to determine insurance

Once you have the necessary elements (registration number, date of first use, serial number) and you know the day you buy your used vehicle, you must pass all these information. This will call your insurance when you then proceed to an amendment to the contract of your insurance when you get your new car registration. You will just have to wait for the new Green Card insurance for your future.

Auto Insurance: The termination of insurance, your rights in insurance

Insurance: Termination

Buying a car is immediate grounds for termination of your insurance contract, without waiting for maturity. You can therefore consult for guidance several insurance companies and make you an insurance policy "to measure" for that which is valid for insurance.

After selling your car, you can also break your insurance contract with a notice of fifteen days (check with your insurer) by registered mail and have enclosed a photocopy of the certificate of sale. The insurance company will send you the amount you pay is unexpired.
Want to see your contract on your new vehicle but your insurer will demand a higher premium (sedan sportier, more affected by theft ...). In this case, if you refuse the contract, it is automatically terminated.

Car Insurance: Compare and save!

More than one has ever heard a friend or office colleague declared he could not buy such a vehicle since the insurance was too expensive. If you already know what opportunity you are seeking, feel free to ask for quotes from several insurance companies: the traditional but also the mutual insurance and live phone. Compare, ask your interviewer on exclusions, that is to say everything that is not reimbursed by the insurer. Refer to our summary box on the questions. Note the responses and make sure everything is well advanced registered on the final contract and general conditions (only references in case of dispute).


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