16 Dec 2011

What to check before buying a used car?

If you want to buy a vehicle of opportunity , be sure to inspect the inside but also outside the vehicle carefully.
Some reminders about what to do not forget to check:
1-Check the status of the passage of wheels to complete this verification simply steer your steering wheel to its maximum, the passage of the wheel corresponding to the spot beneath the wings of your vehicle. This check allows you to control the state of rust passages. In stock, this maneuver allows you to detect any unusual sounds that are related to front.
2-Control Doors: check that all doors close smoothly without rubbing and without grinding.
3-check locks, not to mention that the tank
4-control condition of the spare tire
5-Make sure the paint of the bodywork is identical to that which is under the seal of the windshield
6-To test a car, always go with a cold engine and check the color of the smoke from the exhaust. If it is black or blue, it's a sign of problem with the carburetor or engine.
7 - Check the engine noise by lifting the hood. On a car, any clicks are not worrisome.
8 - Check lights: ask the owner of the vehicle to test the completeness of the traffic lights.
9 - Install you in the passenger seat of the used vehicle you wish to purchase and enjoy for a few meters in observing the conduct of the owner, this will allow you to see if the owner has abnormal reflex behavior.
10 - On your turn, try to identify possible malfunctions at the pedals and gearbox.
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