22 Dec 2011

Auto Insurance - An introduction

What is Auto Insurance?
Auto insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicles. Insurance, also called premium in exchange for an annual fee paid by auto insurance driver, to cover that liability, damage caused by the vehicle during a crash will cover object (pedestrian those on the other passengers, vehicles, drivers and road elements with the exception of the car itself).
The basic insurance is also known as third party insurance. But the vast majority of companies have the additional option of a full car and its driver, theft, breakage of glass (rear lights, mirrors, as the damage, range ...) Another important option in the absence of charge or head if you have coverage of all elements. Some insurance policies breakdown or accident, garage or pay monthly dues in the event of direct disposal of insurance to provide more assistance. Young drivers responsible for two and a half times more accidents than others.
Frequency of accidents for which responsibility is imputable insurance may increase their contribution. In addition to the amount of contributions offered by insurance companies, it is useful to compare franchises.The last thing to check: your car's value as decided by experts and will be the basis of reimbursement in case of theft or destruction. Generally, the price drops by 20% the day after the date of purchase, but some offer contracts to maintain purchasing power. Once chosen insurance company, make sure that all conditions of the contract are understood and accepted.It is important to understand that any misrepresentation by the insured on the insurance contract will result in its cancellation.

So we should inform the agency of any change, especially change of address. Once the contract is signed, the first payment of insurance dues takes effect at noon the next day. Finally, remember that all insurance policies as driving without a license is an exclusion clause, while intoxicated or driving under the influence of drugs. Now you know the most about car insurance, the right way!


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